Glass & Tile Medium B 250ml

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Jo Sonja Glass & Tile Medium B, 250ml.


Apply Glass & Tile Primer (Part A) to clean, dry glass or ceramic surfaces where you intend to paint the design.
This Primer may be applied all over the surface if you are unsure of design area. A 'blooming' or cloudiness may be evident on Glass. This can be buffed off after designs have cured.
Do not use this product on plastic, as it is not intended for this application. It is purely a bonding agent between glass and paint.

  • Mix your chosen Jo Sonja Colours with Glass & Tile Medium (Part B) in a ratio of approximately one part paint to 2-3 parts Medium. (The more Medium used, the more durable the design).
  • Allow the mixture to sit for a few minutes before painting your design.
  • NOTE: Some artists apply an undiluted coat of Glass & Tile Medium (Part B) to an area to be painted to increase durability. This is optional.
  • Glass & Tile Medium should still be mixed into your paints as above. Paint designs as desired. If design is too transparent, allow each layer to thoroughly dry before painting over.
  • When complete, varnish if desired (2-3 coats of Jo Sonja's Polyurethane Satin or Gloss Varnish).
  • Allow items to sit for 2 weeks before use.
  • The item may then be washed with care in warm soapy water.
  • Abrasive cleaning agents may remove parts of the design. Use care when cleaning.
  • Tiling grout should not be rubbed across designs.
  • Do not soak items in very hot water
  • Dishwashers should be avoided
  • Do not use on areas where scraping will remove design, eg plate centres.
  • Do not use Cadmium Colours on food related items.

    • Model: PJ3183
    • Manufactured by: Chroma

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