Value Reader

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DecoArt Colour Value Reader - A Decorative Painter’s Helper.

Value Reader masking material makes it easy to determine value levels of your paints.

DecoArt Value Reader masks out all colour so values are easy to distinguish.

All paintings need at least three values. If White is light and Black is dark, all the different degrees of Gray in between are values. Colour, like all tones of Gray, has value (darkness or lightness).

At least three values are necessary to create dimension: A Light, Medium and a Dark value. Work with only three values in each area that you are painting as a beginner. Add additional values as you become more experienced.

How to use the reader : Simply hold the Value Reader several inches over your paint colours or a painted section of your painting. You can easily distinguish the different values. Try to achieve a light, medium and dark value in each area of your painting.

  • Model: PDAS032
  • Manufactured by: DecoArt

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