Teardrop Beads

Teardrop As the name suggests they are a tear drop shape, the widest part is towards the bottom, and can be used to make Angels – just add a head and some wings, or turn the other way and use as a funky head for a worm etc.

Teardrop beads make an excellent head for a "bug" or "critter". They are easy and fun to make using beading wire; plastic beads and some small joggle eyes. A fun way to learn the life cycles of an insects. Egg. Bug, Butterfly........For the butterfly we have created a pattern using chenille stems and beads.

See our "Beautiful Butterflies" kit. These kits are great for children's parties. It gives the adults a breather and gives the little ones something to make and take home afterwards. Bead 18mm x 20mm central hole 2mm.

Bead 22mm x 25mm central hole 2mm.
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