Hobbs Quilt Batting

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Hobbs Bleached. Made from the best-bleached cotton.
It is needle punched to make it easy to quilt, and can be hand or machine quilted up to 4 inches apart.
Shrinkage is 3-5% and can be preshrunk for minimal shrinkage. Is best used with white or light-colored fabrics.

Hobbs Organic Heirloom 100% Organic Cotton is grown with no chemicals.
Excellent for fine hand or machine quilting and provides an antique look.
It can be quilted up to 2" apart.

Hobbs Organic/Scrim Heirloom Organic with Scrim Binder. 100% certified organic cotton exclusive of scrim binder. Excellent for machine quilters and crafts
Can be quilted up to 8-10" apart. Provides an antique look and is very clean unbleached cotton.

Hobbs Pillow Pals Inserts
are the best quality inserts available.

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