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Our Quality Essentials (tm) Chenille Sticks (or Stems) are bendable wire sticks coated with soft fluffy chenille. The length is 300 mm and they come in bulk boxes of 100 sticks. They are easily cut with craft pliers or cutters. (it is not recommended to use good scissors or they will be damaged by the wire)

3 mm Chenille Sticks. These are the finest size and can be threaded through the holes of most small plastic beads and through the holes in most eyelet laces for gathering.

6 mm Chenille Sticks. This is the most popular size. Chenille sticks are colourful, economical safe and easy for children to use in many craft applications. They can be bent, rolled cut and twisted to make all kinds of shapes and animals with the addition of glue, pompoms and some small joggle eyes. Cut they make a simple and attractive tie for closing cello gift bags.

6 mm Tinsel Sticks. These are Tinsel/Glitter sticks are wire sticks covered in tinsel instead of chenille. They are only available in the 6 mm size and are used for making Xmas and Party Decorations, wands and head dress for fairies, and dance groups.

12 mm Chenille Sticks. These are the fluffiest straight stick and are used where more bulk is required.

15 mm Bump Chenille Sticks. There are 4 bumps along the length of the 300 mm stick. The bumps can be cut to make fluffy animal legs, ears and other items. They can be bent to make flowers and many other interesting shapes.

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