Irma's Sampler

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Irma's Sampler: The Netherlands by Irma Eskes. Published by That Patchwork Place. ISBN 1-56477-058-3. Pages: 88

If you have an interest in other cultures and a zest for quilting, you've found the right book! Irma Eskes is the perfect Dutch hostess, as well as being a talented quilter with a popular quilting shop in the Netherlands. You needn't leave home to immerse yourself in another culture, or to try your hand at a stunning quilt with European flavour! Featuring 14 different quilts, all in classic Dutch fabrics, there are possibilities for both the novice and advanced quilter - ranging from hand to machine piecing, from applique to scrap quilts.

Featuring: Classes and workshops, Fabrics, A little bit of Haarlem, Special quilts from special people: Necktie Quilt, Scheveningen, Map of the Netherlands, Grow and Flourish. The Quilts and Projects: Orange Up!, "Good Heavens", Crib Quilt, Christa, Dutch Bouquet, Tempo Doeloe, Reflexion, Delft Blue, Cow Quilt, Reversible Quilt, Feathers, Red White and Blue, Stars in Noord Holland, Stars in Holland, Christmas Greeting Cards, St Nicholaas Doll Cookie. General Directions: Fabric selection and applique, Quiltmaking supplies, Patchwork techniques, Templates for machine and hand piecing, Piecing, Applique, Quilt finishing..

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