Fabric Paint

We are clearing this range of acrylic paint and prices have been reduced heavily. Many bargains available while stocks last.

  • So Soft Metallics. They are non-toxic, soft, metallic fabric acrylics that do not need heat setting or fabric medium. They give excellent coverage, blend beautifully and will bond to the fabric fibers automatically, without scrubbing. They can be intermixed to give you a wider range of colours, bond to most surfaces.

  • Heavy Metals Liquid Glitter Paint for Fabric & Crafts. “Heavy Metals” are very brilliant liquid glitter paints that are specifically designed for use on fashion wear of all kinds in addition to general craft use on other surfaces, the advantages of using “Heavy Metals” are: - they have a smooth, creamy brushing consistency that won’t get gummy or hard to work with, they are much softer to the touch, although the “Heavy Metals” base is cloudy in the jar, it dries perfectly clear and does not yellow, “Heavy Metals can be easily intermixed to create many new colour combinations, they are also certified non-toxic.

  • Hot Shots. Are the hottest, brightest the most fun and fashionable fluorescent fabric acrylics around! Choose from five sizzling shades of the brightest, most concentrated neon colours available. Hot Shots are perfect for fabric painting because they dry super-soft, never require heat setting, are non-toxic and have a special “ no-fade” formula.

  • Liquid Sequins. Liquid Sequins are big, bright, brush-on, non-toxic, liquid glitter paints for fabric and crafts. Liquid Sequins give you the kind of glitter and sparkle you’ve dreamed about without any of the mess, waste and washout problems of “sprinkle on” glitter. You get all the glitz and glamour of sparkling sequins in a brush-on glitter paint. They dry super soft and pliable, permanent and washable. They also come in Pastel Liquid Sequins: - These have been developed especially for use on light-coloured fabrics.

  • So Soft Dimensionals . These are non-toxic dimensional paint and come in paint writer bottles, they have excellent elasticity and adhesion characteristics and will remain soft and pliable, can be used on any surface including all fabrics, even Lycra, glass plastic, paper, balloons, ornaments, party favours, shoes, hats, posters, jewellery, etc.

  • So Soft Fabric Acrylics . Are soft like a dye but much easier to use. They are opaque and give excellent coverage on fabric regardless of the fabric colour, from the palest of pastels to total black. So-Softs come in a wide range of colours and can be mixed together to give you virtually any colour you desire. They need no heat setting or fabric medium and the colours dry super soft and permanent. Colours bond to most fabrics, even 100% acrylic or 100% silk. Silk painting with So-Soft requires no resist medium.

  • So Soft Mediums . Non-toxic Transparent Medium can be add to So-Soft opaque and Shimmering Pearls to make them Transparent. Glitter and pearl accents can be added on top of any SoSoft acrylic paint colour or used alone for a subtle touch.

  • So Soft Neons . Softer formula of Fluorescent Paints.

  • So Soft Shimmering Pearls . There have soft iridescence of pearls and just a touch of glitter. Blend, shade, and highlight with ease as you paint because there is no need to scrub these paints into the fabric. They require no heat setting or addition of fabric medium and are non-toxic. All colours can be intermixed to create new colours; can also be used on any surface that will hold a coat of acrylic paint.
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