Pony Beads 9mm

Pony Beads 9 mm x 6 mm with a 3 mm central hole.

Pony Beads are popular for threading into hair.

Pony Beads are ideal for kids to learn beading, as they have a large 3 mm hole for easy threading, and come in many colours.

Pony Beads can be threaded on cord to make handles to match fabric bags, or threaded onto a galvanized ring which has been split and bent into a handle shape.

Pioneer Craft stock a small range of Ultra Violet Pony Beads. The bead is cloudy white in its natural state but when under UV light or in the sun they change color. The UV pony beads make good chameleon lizards, add a few ordinary color pony beads so they look good in natural light.
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