Toy Making

Buy Toy Eyes and Noses, Pellets, Dolls Hair, and Hats.
Angel Wings in 2 sizes. Cane Wedding Baskets. made from finely woven cane are suitable for holding sweets, dried flowers, and Easter eggs
Doll Animal and Toy FacesUse these iron-on and appliqué faces for a professional finish. Make a doll using the Creative Ceramic Faces and Craft Hair.
Hair Many types of hair to give your dolls, toys, and puppets extra dimension and personality.
Hats Place a hat on your doll to give it added personality.
Plastic Bear Pellets in 500 gram bags. They are HDPE High-Density Polyethylene. (The pellets are non-toxic and safe for making children's toys.)
Squeakers To add noise to your toys.

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