Patchwork | Quilting

  • Circular Design Grid Paper. For use with the 9 degree circle wedge ruler. By Marilyn Doheny. Cutting Edge Quilt Designs.
  • Fine Batting .WAD255. Australian Made thin wadding similar to Pellon, 90cm wide and a full roll is 50 mts.
  • Pen & Pencils. The complete range of pens & pencils needed for quilting and dressmaking alike. Chalk, crayon, transfer are available.
  • Quilt & Paint, Patchwork Patterns. A new technique for adding fine details to your quilts. SoSoft paints make it easy to create unique effects. Add embellishments in a fraction of the time it takes to stitch. Easy Painting Guide DecoArt An excellent tool for creating neat, clean edges, circles, corners and more! Lets you paint chosen areas while protecting other areas. Works with all types of fabric and acrylic paint. Soap and water clean up.
  • Quilter Quarter. Used in Quilting.
  • Wadding. We stock Wadding/Batting 100grams with a loft of 2cms. It is 150cms wide and comes in 20 metre rolls. The wadding adds loft to quilts, is used in framing, and can be used to filter the water in fish tanks!

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